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Rare Diseases Community

What is RDCom?

RDCom is the platform that unites all the parties of the RD Community, generating and providing information for health management within multiple sectors.

How does it work?

RDCom web platform contains specific and systematized information of health care plans to follow up Rare Diseases.
Patients and health professionals have, through their social security system, a free online tool to access specialized monitoring plans endorsed by international consensus for each pathology.

RD Community

RDCom offers resources to improve health and life quality of people living with a Rare Disease.

About us

RDCom was born within the SPINE Foundation, a NPO dedicated to approach and care of Rare Diseases for more than 17 years.
Thanks to this experience, it was clearly detected the necessity of connecting all RD Community members to respond to their different needs.
RD are pathologies of very low prevalence, 1 in every 2000 cases. There are more than 8000 rare diseases described in the world. As they are low-incidence diseases, resources allocated to research are insufficient and only 5% of pathologies have a treatment.
It is estimated that there are 500 million people worldwide affected by one of these conditions, representing 7% of the population.

The RDCom team is led by its founding partners:


Jorgelina Stegmann

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Health Management (UA)
Master in Psychoimmunoneuroendocrinology and Psychoneuropharmacology
MBA (IAE 2019)
Chairwoman of Fundación SPINE since 2007


Agustina Pinheiro

Certified Public Accountant
MBA (IAE 2019)
Specialist in management, finance and tax planning


Tomas Donda

Lila Martinez Ucha

Hector Tamanini


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